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How to remove EGR / EGR Cooler Volvo V70 S60 XC90 2.4 D5 163 BHP MK2

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How to remove Volvo 2.4 D5 EGR and EGR Cooler from V70, S60 or XC90.
Start by disconnecting the battery in the boot, remove the storage tray and disconnect the negative with a 10mm socket.
Remove the engine cover by tugging it straight up.
Remove the airbox, start by loosening the jubilee clip next to the MAF sensor. Disconnect the MAF sensor plug. Take the boost pressure sensor off it’s mounting place. Remove the air intake plastic and then tug the whole airbox up hard.
Remove the anti rollbar with an 18mm and 15mm spanner for the top engine mount then remove the 18mm bolts from either side.
Remove the cold air intake all the way from the turbo to the front of the car. Loosen the Jubilee clip on the turbo. Remove a bolt from the middle of the alloy pipe and pull away from the turbo.
Undo the Jubilee clips from the EGR mixer pipe and the intake manifold hose, remove the pipe. Then remove 4 10mm bolts on the EGR Mixer and loosen another jubilee clip then you will be able to remove the EGR mixer.
Clamp off the the EGR cooler coolant feed to avoid loosing fluid It’s upto you whether you clamp the coolant return as it doesn’t lose a lot of fluid there.
Remove the coolant feed.
Remove the exhaust manifold heatshield by removing 5 10mm bolts.
loosen the EGR Feed from the exhaust side by either by loosening the clamp or removing 2 bolts from the other side.
Remove 2 14mm bolts that are clamping the EGR to the back of the engine.
The final bolt to remove is 12mm Remove the EGR actuator plug.
Now you should be able to wriggle the EGR and EGR cooler free.

Frederic Poisson

I haven’t found the info ATM but I’m planning on buying a Vida. I’d like to give a clean at the intake, EGR and so forth. thanks for your answer.

Frederic Poisson

I’d like to make a video with before/after while trying several cleaning methods. from the lazy ones to the hard core ones. lazy being hydrogen cleaning and other chemical cleaners, and hard core opening the beast. but I’d like to avoid that. My car is running fine, it’s just a preventive care.

Tolly Swift

It’s well worth the time spent, its great to return the engine to running as new. Good luck when you do get the info you need. Hopefully one day I’ll have a video for it.

Frederic Poisson

Thank you for your video. Do you know if it’s the same assembly on a Euro 5? I can’t find any informations, diagrams etc.

Tolly Swift

Hi Frederic, sorry for the late reply. Did you have any luck finding the information you were looking for? I haven’t had a euro5 to look at so unfortunately I don’t have any advice to give. Given the difference between the euro3 and euro4 setup I would guess the euro5 will be completely different. Tolly.

Danny Allan

A useful video, though it’s very. eerie? By which I mean he’s got the same clothes as I do, looks the same as I do, sounds exactly the same and if I’m not mistaken, his car is the same colour as mine too 0.o

Tolly Swift

Hi Danny, this is certainly the eeriest comment I have received but funny if true. Although I am wondering what colour the car looks like in the video, it’s titanium grey which in some scenarios looks blueish.


Brilliant video, very helpful. Thank you.

Tolly Swift

Thank you, glad to help!

Alberto Garcia

Hi Tolly, Thank you very much for the VOLVO EGR series. It´s been an unvaluable guidance for me to start messing up with my car. Everything went pretty easy and the results were fantastic. I would like to ask you for permission to make a .pdf, with photos taken from your video and a spanish translation of the «how-to». I would post it in a spanish VOLVO enthusiasts´ forum (VOLVO4LIFE); of course i would credit you and i would also post a link to the source (your video/youtube channel). Thanks for sharing your know-how.

Alberto Garcia

Thanks Tolly, Can´t tell if they are very «professional», but for me, really well explained and easy to follow. I really enjoyed doing this job in my car, and it was the first time i loosened a bolt 😉

Чип тюнинг и отключение ЕГР Volvo (Вольво) Xc90 Дизель

Программный чип-тюнинг Volvo (Вольво) Xc90 Дизель

Удаление вихревых заслонок Volvo (Вольво) Xc90 Дизель

Дело в том, что причиной выхода из строя вихревых заслонок может служить множество причин, такие как нагар, образующийся из-за работы системы ЕГР, который не позволяет вихревым заслонкам работать в нормальном режиме, это программная ошибка и отказ системы управления вихревыми заслонками, а также физическое разрушение вихревых заслонок, что может пагубно сказаться на работе двигателя в целом. Каждая из поломок может быть развита в большей или меньшей степени, поэтому подход к каждой поломке у нас индивидуален так же как индивидуален подход к каждой машине с подобными поломками.

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Volvo (Вольво) Xc90 Дизель 2400 20V D, 2400 20V D5 D5244T5, D5244T18, D5244T4 163лс, 180лс, 185лс BOSCH EDC16C31, BOSCH EDC17CP22

Программное отключение ЕГР Volvo (Вольво) Xc90 Дизель

Работа клапана ЕГР отрицательно влияет на показатели двигателя. При загрязнении системы ее эффективность теряется полностью. В результате происходит выброс еще большего количества вредных веществ в атмосферу. Сейчас даже экологи сомневаются в необходимости установки систем рециркуляции отработанных газов на современные автомобили.

  • уменьшается мощность двигателя;
  • увеличивается расход топлива;
  • наблюдается потеря динамики.

Именно поэтому важно своевременно произвести отключение ЕГР. Специалисты рекомендуют выполнять процедуру удаления ЕГР в обязательном порядке, если пробег авто превысил 100 000 км.

Volvo (Вольво) Xc90 Дизель 2400 20V D, 2400 20V D5 D5244T5, D5244T18, D5244T4 163лс, 180лс, 185лс BOSCH EDC16C31, BOSCH EDC17CP22

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