Pegout boxer vs ford transit

Peugeot boxer vs ford transit

Пежо Боксер, Форд Транзит. Какие варианты? Есть определенные предпочтения, и они определены Форд Транзит однозначно лучше чем Пежо Боксер. Лучше своей беспроблемностью, надёжностью, неубиваемостью.

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Peugeot Boxer или Ford Tranzit.

At Vansdirect, we supply everything from small , medium and large vans to pickups. Following closely, however, is the Peugeot Boxer. So, we were interested to compare the two best-selling large new vans in our range to see which — if any — was the better choice.

But if loadspace is a concern or door apertures need to meet your requirements it may well be the case that one van is a better choice than the other.

On face value, the Boxer seems to have the edge on the Transit. We have eleven categories and the Boxer comes out on top in seven of those. While it may be a clear winner, the differences are minimal. The Transit also delivers more Torque from less power. The remaining figures paint a different picture. The Boxer edges all of them, albeit slightly. The features of each van are more focused towards convenience and comfort. But which matters more to you? Both are large vans, and as such they can be slightly tricky to park.

Covered from all angles! Both vans come with steel wheels, with a slight difference. Inside the cabin is where Peugeot regains the lead. Both come with cruise control and speed limiter as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Going back outside, Ford have included some nice touches with the Trend level trim.

As standard come front fog lights and automatic windscreen wipers and headlights. It would seem that Ford have concentrated their focus on working functionality with the Transit — whereas Peugeot take a more rounded approach, ensuring an good level of equipment both in terms of functionality and features.

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